The SeaAccess® idea

How SeaAccess® was born

We wanted to find a way to make it much easier for people with restricted mobility to enjoy the sea.

Most seaside destinations worldwide don’t address this issue , despite the rising number of people with mobility difficulties, such as people with disabilities or older people, as a result of prolonged life expectancy¹.

Today, it is estimated that there are about 1 million people in our country and over 1 billion in the world who cannot enjoy the sea independently².

Utilizing its many years of experience in the field of people elevator and transport systems and focusing on the “heart of the problem”, i.e., the nature of the sea itself which is “alive” and changes daily, the AkriMan team designed SeaAccess®. It takes only a few minutes to install at the ideal place on the beach and then can easily be retracted and folded up at the end of the day or when the conditions are not suitable for swimming.

This means that it’s the first accessibility mechanism that adapts daily to the waves, the coastline, and the general conditions of the beach.

The innovative flexible mechanism that occupies a small area of the coast, allows for the first time even beach hotels and seaside municipalities with smaller beaches or more volatile seas, to offer safe access to the sea, to all their visitors who may need it.

1. Source: UNWTO, 2016, Manual on Accessible Tourism for All: Principles, Tools and Best Practices, pp. 31, 32, 37).
2. Source: Amadeus Voyage of Discovery, Oct. 2017, p. 4.


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