For the SeaAccess® installation

SeaAccess® can be used on any beach where there is no rocky or rugged ground and where the depth of the sea is greater than 80 cm, at a 10 m distance from the shoreline. For shallower seas, we may examine the use of the SeaAccess® II model.
Yes, because we install SeaAccess® right next to the coastline while its folding ramp expands fully towards the sea. Thus, SeaAccess® occupies less than 2 m² of the beach (dimensions of the wheeled base of SeaAccess® L x W: 1.585 m x 0.97 m).
Zero, and this is because:
  • we manufacture SeaAccess® with specialized materials and a series of treatments that make the mechanism particularly resistant to water, salt, and sand.
  • SeaAccess® is easy to uninstall, move and store whenever not in use, thus it is not unnecessarily exposed to adverse weather conditions.
Installing SeaAccess® on the beach and preparing it for use requires just a few minutes and only one person. Its removal from the beach is just as easy.
Not much as the dimensions of SeaAccess® when folded, are (L x W x H): 1.585 m x 0.97 m X 1.345 m.

As a first step, just contact us at tel +30 2310 940515 or by mail info@akriman.gr. We will discuss your needs in detail and after examining all parameters and visiting your site, we will be able to help you decide what is best for the accessibility of your beach and your sea.

For SeaAccess® use

The Map gives all the information you need about SeaAccess® installations. Find the beaches with available SeaAccess® mechanisms, instructions on how to get there as well as the contact numbers for each beach.

Also, where available, through telemetry you can remotely check the conditions on the beach before deciding to visit it. See the ripples and the air temperature and decide which beach you will visit today.

Telemetry videos lasting 15 seconds, are broadcast every 15 minutes and throughout the daylight, to give you a live “picture” of any beach you are interested in.

The extent to which SeaAccess® mechanism offers a person with restricted mobility autonomous sea accessibility, depends on the needs of this person. It is recommended that a companion supervises the use of SeaAccess® in all cases that this is necessary.
Using SeaAccess® is easy, comfortable, and safe. Users and companions may find detailed illustrated instructions on the machine. You may also see the basic steps below:
  1. The user approaches with her/his wheelchair and stops next to the SeaAccess® seat, in an almost parallel position.
  2. She/he transfers to the SeaAccess® seat.
  3. The user checks if she/he has securely positioned her/his feet on the footrest of the seat.
  4. Using the remote-control, the user activates the movement of the seat by pressing and holding the IN button until the end of the ramp. To enter the sea, the user disembarks from the left or the right side of the seat.
  5. When the user wishes to return, she/he boards the mechanism seat again and following the reverse procedure she/he safely transports back to shore.

Less than 0.15 m / sec for absolute safety. This is the speed limit set by the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.

If there is no response when you press the remote-control button or the Movement IN/OUT button, then you should use the Manual Release function. You may find detailed instructions on the machine.

A remote-control is placed on a spiral hook above the SeaAccess® seat. An additional one you may find in the changing room, but you can also check in the Map who you may contact for requiring further relevant information.  

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