SeaAccess® is the innovative accessibility mechanism that enables people with mobility issues to autonomously enjoy the sea by transporting them safely and comfortably from the beach to the sea and vice versa. Innovative in its design, SeaAccess® is the only remotely controlled folding accessibility ramp for the disabled, which you can move and install for use at the desired point of the beach in a few minutes.
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Accessible sea more easily than ever

2 minutes

Easy installation

2 m²

Minimum space

To make a sea accessible it takes 2 minutes and 2 square metres. This is all the time and space SeaAccess® needs to offer safe autonomous access to the sea to those with restricted mobility.

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The innovative mechanism, with its built-in folding ramp and the ability to move easily across the sand, is placed right next to the shoreline and unfolds to be ready for use in just a few minutes. Equally it can easily and immediately be retracted from the beach when conditions are not safe for swimming.

How does it work?

SeaAccess® is a compact machine that moves easily on the sand thanks to its balloon wheels.


The innovative SeaAccess® mechanism, which is patented by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation and holds a Certificate of Registration of Innovative Designs by the EU Intellectual Property Office, has a built-in folding ramp and two motor systems:
  • A system that moves the SeaAccess® on the sand
  • A system that, through straps, moves the seat on the unfolded ramp to transport the user from the beach to the sea and vice versa.
Both SeaAccess® movement systems activate via a remote control or a button placed on the machine.
Maximum Safety
  • It is CE compliant with the European Safety and Health Guidelines.
  • It is placed on the beach only when the weather conditions are safe for swimming and it may be removed and stored at night.
  • Its ideal place on the beach adapts daily to the changes that occur on the coastline and the sea because of weather changes, any tidal phenomenon, etc.
  • It removes easily and at once if the need arises, for instance due to sudden severe weather changes.
Practicality and Flexibility
  • Occupies less than 2 m² of the beach thanks to its small size but also because it is placed on the edge of the beach, right next to the coastline.
  • Requires little storage space (dimensions of folded SeaAccess® = M: 1,616 x W: 960 x Y: 1,228 mm).
  • It is placed on the beach only when there is a need to use it.
  • One person can install and uninstall it in about 2 minutes.
Quality and durability
  • Made entirely in Greece with the quality guarantee of AkriMan.
  • Its design is technologically extremely advanced including over 150 different components, precision cuts on laser machines, specialized materials, and treatments for maximum protection from marine corrosion.
  • It is not unnecessarily exposed to the damage of the marine environment and especially to severe weather phenomena, as it is easily retracted in its storage space when not in use.
  • The high quality of its construction and durability result in zero maintenance costs.


Respect for the Environment
  • It respects the natural environment because it does not require any kind of anchoring on the beach or seabed.
  • It has low energy consumption.
  • It is recycled after about 20 years of operation as AkriMan is registered in the Register of Producers of the Hellenic Recycling Organization (EOAN) and pays a recycling fee for each SeaAccess® available for sale.
The experienced team of AkriMan and its extensive network of long-term partners are by your side to meet your every need in relation to the use and operation of SeaAccess® and the accessibility of your beach as a whole.

SeaAccess® range

The range of SeaAccess® consists of two basic models, SeaAccess® and SeaAccess® II. Both models are non-permanent sea accessibility devices that are installed and work without requiring any intervention in the natural environment.

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SeaAccess® is the remotely – controlled portable folded 10 m ramp that can get ready for use very easily since it is installed and uninstalled in the beach in just a few minutes.

SeaAccess® ΙΙ

SeaAccess® II may have a much longer folded ramp upon request, it is installed at the beginning of the summer season, and uninstalled at the end, so it is suitable for more shallow and calm seas.

Complementary accessibility infrastructure

Aiming at covering all accessibility needs of people with disabilities on the beach and the sea, AkriMan has designed a complete range of infrastructure that supports SeaAccess®, such as IT applications and beach constructions.

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