First symbolic “dive” in Matala by our Paralympian M. Stefanoudakis!

May 19, 2022

This year’s summer season for the remotely controlled SeaAccess® started from the emblematic beach of Matala of Phaistos Municipality.

The first symbolic “dive” was made by our Paralympian Manolis Stefanoudakis in a special event, which was attended by the Mayor of Phaistos, Mr Grigoris Nikolidakis, the President of the Community of Pitsidia Matala and Vice President of Matala of Phaistos Municipality, Mr Kostas Spinthakis, the Deputy Mayor Mr Antonis Konstantoulakis, the Head of AT Phaistos, Mr Manolis Karandinos and members of our team.

Matala beach is now fully accessible for people with mobility difficulties offering all the necessary infrastructure and of course SeaAccess® for safe and autonomous enjoyment of the sea!

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