The remotely controlled SeaAccess® mechanism at the municipal beach "AKTI" in Karteros Heraklion!

June 24, 2022

The AKTI municipal beach in Karteros, Heraklion, acquired for the first time the remotely controlled SeaAccess® and is now ready to offer safe and easy autonomous access to the sea to all people with restricted mobility.

The SeaAccess® mechanism of AkriMan provided by DEPANAL S.A., was put into operation on 23.06.2022 in the presence of the Mayor of Heraklion, the Deputy Mayor of Education and President of DEPANAL and Paralympian Manolis Stefanoudakis.

The innovative SeaAccess® that installs-uninstalls in less than 2 minutes, comes to restore accessibility to this beach and solve the problems that were presented in the past by the installation of another manufacturer’s device.

Our fellow citizens – residents of the area as well as all visitors from Greece and abroad with mobility issues, can now autonomously enjoy the sea on the beautiful beach of Karteros!

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