Water is our element

15July 2023

In this campaign of 2023, Alexandra Stamatopoulou, Gold World champion and Bronze Paralympic swimming champion, tells us about her feelings when swimming with SeaAccess®, the calmness that sea offers to the mind and soul and the value of autonomous access for all people with impaired mobility, an experience that everyone can now enjoy!

With more than 100 beaches in Greece, swimming in the summer becomes a reality with SeaAccess®. Co-ordinates and exact location of beaches in operation now available on the Map

With SeaAccess®, “now we can” swim with autonomy in accessible beaches, as the innovative patented automobile remotely controlled mechanism that occupies a very small space of the coast, is installed, and uninstalled in less than 2 minutes finding its ideal position next to the coastline, daily adapted according to the tide.

With SeaAccess® “now we can” all together make a huge step towards inclusion and enjoy the sea.

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