With SeaAccess®, now we can!

August 1, 2022

In this year campaign, Alexandra Stamatopoulou, Gold World champion and Bronze Paralympic swimming champion, tells us about her own experience with SeaAccess®, the Greek summer, the unparalleled enjoyment of the sea and the value of autonomous access for all people with mobility issues.

Through the encouraging message “now we can”, the communication aims to inform all those who might be interested, about their possibility to independently enjoy swimming on the beaches where SeaAccess® is available, locations that they can easily find on the Map, at www.sea-access.gr.

With SeaAccess®, “now we can” more easily than ever, make a beach accessible to everyone as the innovative remotely controlled mechanism that occupies a very small space of the coast, is installed, and uninstalled in less than 2 minutes finding its ideal position next to the coastline, daily at the touch of a button!

With SeaAccess® “now we can” enjoy the unique Greek seas safely and independently, all of us, without exceptions and without restrictions!

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