How does it work?

When SeaAccess® is to be used, it is moved towards the sea and placed right next to the shoreline.

Its folding ramp, about 10 m long, unfolds very easily and extends fully towards the sea. Thus, the mechanism occupies little coast space and can be used even on smaller or narrower beaches.

A person using a wheelchair can transfer into the SeaAccess® seat. Through an easy-to-use remote control, the user moves the SeaAccess® seat to the end of the ramp.

There, the user disembarks from the SeaAccess® seat and enters the sea. When the user wants to return to the shore, she/he follows the same procedure in reverse order to be transported safely and comfortably back to the starting point.

After sunset, SeaAccess® may easily be moved to its storage space.

Instructions for use

The user approaches with her/his wheelchair and stops next to the SeaAccess® seat, in an almost parallel position.
She/he transfers to the SeaAccess® seat.

The user checks if she/he has securely positioned her/his feet on the footrest of the seat.

Using the remote-control, the user activates the movement of the seat by pressing and holding the IN button until the end of the ramp.

To enter the sea, the user disembarks from the left or the right side of the seat.

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